Friday, January 29, 2010

What else have I missed

I was listening to a sermon online that was preached at our church recently. I had been unable to hear the whole thing because I had to leave early. The pastor was preaching on the fact that God is in control and we don't have a say in our lives. He used a passage in Job and I caught something that I've never noticed before. For lack of a better term, God set Job up. I had it in my mind that Satan had come to God asking to test Job. That is not the case. In Job 1:7 Satan walks in, God asks him where he came from and Satan answers that he was roaming around the earth. In the next verse, God out of the blue says "have you considered my servant Job?" God gave Satan the idea to ask to test Job!!! I never caught that before, it made me wonder what else I've missed in the Bible. It did prove something that I already believe, that God allows tragedy to happen in our lives and that no one is immune to trials and tribulation. The great thing about it though is that He promises to be there there every step of the way.

I was asked this week if I was getting stronger. My first reaction was, yes, I am. I'm doing pretty good, no major breakdowns lately etc. The more I thought about it though I realized that no, I'm actually weaker. I'm just learning to depend on God more and in turn I am able to rely on the strength that HE gives me. Let's just hope I continue to remember that.........I forget a lot.

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