Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God Speaking to Me

I had an interesting weekend.  I was given the opportunity to serve at another conference that we had here at Stonegate.  The conference was for parents who have a child struggling with homesexuality.  I really enjoy helping out with this ministry, I feel like I'm the one being encouraged either through the speakers or the people themselves, not the other way around.  I was able to talk with one lady who lost her husband to a sudden heart attack ten years ago and is now dealing with her only child struggling with this issue.  She was such a nice lady who I could tell truly believed in God's sovereignty. She understood that He has a plan that she doesn't understand but knows that she can rely on Him completely.  She was a blessing to me.  On Sunday, we had the pleasure of hearing a testimony by a couple and their son during the services at church.  It was amazing.  I was crying halfway through it when the mom mentioned that one of the hymns that helped her through one of the tough times was "It is Well with My Soul".  That was a song that went through my head after Jared passed away.  Then the son mentioned that at one point in his journey the verse Jeremiah 29:11 was shown to him.  That verse was one of Jared's favorite and one that I continue to be reminded of in my own life.  It was like God was speaking to me directly.  The tears I cried weren't sad tears, they were tears of joy, knowing that He will always be faithful to me and also to all of His children.  I am so blessed.

The Yuan's testimony can be seen at the following link:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Have I mentioned recently that I love my life?  If not, I do, and now you know.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to accompany 32 sixth graders on a weekend retreat.  It was a beautiful place, filled with lots of activities for the kids.  They did team building exercise such as an underground maze that work through together and a ropes course that they had to think through on how to get everyone across.  I did the ropes course, got through it the first time and promptly fell off when it was completed.  It wasn't a very graceful fall either and I have a big bruise to show for it.  What can I say,  at least I completed it.  We did other activities such as swimming (water was way too cold for me), rock climbing and rappelling. I was unable to do either the rock climbing or the rappelling as there was a storm coming in and we wanted all the kids to have an opportunity to do the activity before the leaders did.  We finished in the nick of time too, the lightning started about the time the last couple of kids were finishing up.  Perfect timing.  What I was really disappointed about was the zipline.  We were supposed to do it at about 10pm, but the rain prevented that.  Oh well, it sounds like we will do it again so I may get another chance!

Here are some pictures of the actual camp:

Some of the water activities

Suspension bridge that we had to cross to get to our cabins.

More water fun.

I've been going through a Bible study called "Live a Praying Life" by Jennifer Kennedy Dean.  Not sure if I completely agree with everything in the book, although I may just not understand where she is coming from. For the most part, it has been good.  The study has made me stop and think about why we pray.  I've just always have done it, but the question I've always had is why pray when God is going to do His plan anyway.  One of the things that I've learned is that God wants to use us in order to give Him glory.  He doesn't need us, but He chooses us and incorporates us in His plan, and that includes praying.  I think praying also helps us to understand Him more and helps us to realize that we don't see the bigger picture.  It helps align our thinking with His thinking and changes our hearts to accept His will for our lives.  I may be off base, but that is what I am working through at the moment.

I hope you all are well and although the year is quickly coming to an end you are able to relax and enjoy the fall season!