Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Mr. E and I have been traveling again.  We began our travels out in the wild.....ok, maybe not the wild, but we were out in the fields hunting down an antelope.  Mr. E gave me the opportunity to get a shot at my first antelope.  We tried to get one but it was too jumpy and would stay long enough in one place for us to even get close to it.  The next one that we came up on, had us in a stand-off for at least 10-15 minutes.  It stood and snorted at us all the while staring us down.  At one point, it pawed the ground like it was going to charge.  It finally turned broadside and the results are below.

We then went to Oklahoma City.  We went to the OK City Memorial.  That will tear your heart out.  They have a chain link fence that people still come to and put little trinkets on.  Seeing some of the pictures of the people who passed away there was hard.  It came to mind that that is probably the only burial site for some, if not all, of the people who died there.  The 168 chairs are the most difficult to see.  At first I didn't notice, but Mr. E pointed out that there were large and small chairs.  The large representing the adults and the small ones the children.  I took a phone picture, but it does not do it justice, not even close.