Monday, February 10, 2014


I've been remiss in blogging.  To be honest, it has been a rough couple of weeks.  I sometimes feel like I'm barely staying afloat.  This past week, both Mr. E and I had food poisoning.  Thankfully, we had it four days apart so we weren't both down at that same time and someone could watch Miss E.  Speaking of Miss E, she is doing well.  Growing way too fast!  She likes to be busy, constantly.   She seems to get bored quickly with things, so you have to move her from her different "play areas" to keep her interest.  Sleeping has been an issue.  For the past couple of weeks, she has slept for no more than three hours at a time during the night.  It has usually been about two to two and a half hours.  The last couple of days have been a bit better, waking up every two and a half to four hours.  I hope this is a new trend and she will continue to improve. 

Now that we're caught up on the little stuff, we can now get to real subject of this post.  I've had this post in my brain for about a month. 

Late last year, Mr. E was approached with a new opportunity.  When we initially heard the details of this opportunity, we weren't really impressed.  We prayed about it (I will admit, not fervently), but in the end, decided it wasn't something that we wanted to get involved in.  We still continued to pray about it over the weekend and we felt right about declining.  Monday came and Mr. E was going to tell the people our decision.  Through a couple of things that happened that morning before he had a chance to make the call, we thought God was telling us to wait and perhaps we should reconsider.  Over the course of a couple of weeks, different things opening up, we felt like God wanted us to change our minds.  He seemed to be opening doors that we didn't expect and that was what we were praying for Him to do.  We finally got to the point that we were in, we were going to go for it and we informed the people that we were willing to take this new opportunity, there were just a few things to tie up.  We waited a day or two for them to finish the details and then Mr. E called to check the status.  We didn't get the answer we were expecting, in those couple of days, the opportunity vanished.  I was shocked, didn't see it coming.  God slammed the door after we thought He was giving us a clear path.  I will also admit I got really irritated about it and somewhat frustrated with God.  I just didn't understand why He would have us go through all of this and then pull the rug out from under us.  I think it was the next Sunday that one of our pastors had a sermon on faith.  It was hard to sit through because it was so convicting to me.  He talked about the two different types of faith from Matthew 8......"centurion" faith and "boat" faith.  The centurion had faith that God could heal his servant without Jesus even coming to his house.  The disciples' faith was non-existent during a storm while Jesus was sleeping on the boat with them.  It reminded me how often I look at circumstances around me instead of looking to God for help and guidance.  In this situation that we were going through, I thought I knew what was best for us.  My faith was small, not understanding that God had a better plan.  I think we can catch a glimpse now as to why the opportunity fell apart, but at the time, I questioned God.  It isn't always easy for me to trust, but God isn't letting me forget this sermon, so I know that He's working on that in me!