Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I remembered something today that happened while Jared was in the hospital. When the doctors determined that Jared needed to have chemotherapy, I had to sign the paperwork to authorize it. Jared wasn't coherent because of all the medication that he was on. The nursing staff/doctors kicked all of us out of the room in order to administer it. When we were allowed back in, one of the nurses told us that before they began, Jared said "let's pray".

What I was thinking about today was that even though Jared wasn't totally coherent, his mind still went to praying first, depending on the Lord during his circumstance. Kinda gave me a catch in my spirit. I'll admit it, praying/calling on the Lord is not always the first thing that I think to do. I usually get frustrated first, and then a couple of hours later I remember that frustration is not the correct response, then I pray. May we all remember to pray about a situation before we step forward. After all, the Bible does say, Pray without ceasing....I Thess. 5:17

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