Monday, December 28, 2009


I made it back to Wisconsin....finally. The travels were interesting. Delays and snow had us beginning to think that we would spend the night in Houston. Thankfully we were able to get to Chicago and the roads were good enough to get to my parent's house at 2am.

We befriended the flight attendants while we were sitting in the airport. I would recommend doing that anytime you are delayed. We were able to get the inside scoop on whether or not we were going to get out, and when we finally did board, they asked us if we wanted to move to an empty row that was available, and we got asked what we wanted to drink sooner than when the cart was going to get to us. I think that they felt sorry for me (us). While delayed we were discussing the wedding etc. and they asked us why are husbands weren't with us. Katherine responded that her husband was working and kinda talked about that for a few seconds, but that didn't deter them to ask me where mine was. The poor girl's look on her face when I responded that my husband was in heaven. Wasn't the response that she was expecting! They were so nice about it though, and although tears came to my eyes having to say that, I didn't lose it. Thank goodness!

Wedding. It was great to spend a little time with Ruthanne prior to her wedding. Not as much as I would have liked, but I couldn't begrudge her her honeymoon! I'm sure her husband wouldn't have gone for that anyway! :)

This was one day that I dreaded prior to the date and this one I was right about. My emotions did get the better of me during the ceremony, and afterward. Getting four hours of sleep the night before didn't help either! I'm always more emotional when I haven't had enough sleep. The message was really good, but hard to listen to. The pastor talked about the husband and wife's role in a marriage. The primary role for both of them being to help to sanctify each other, preparing one another for the day when they stand before the Lord on judgment day. All the heaven talk, and listening the vows of "in sickness and in health, until death do you part" was difficult. But like my mom said, I made it through it, and it is one more "first" down! I also saw relatives and people that I hadn't seen since my wedding that were extremely kind and supportive. Didn't help with the tears though. :) I am so happy for my sister and our new bro, and I am glad I was there to see the wedding. My sister was gorgeous (as usual, I don't think she's ever had a "bad look" a day in her life) and they both were beaming. I pray they have a long and happy life together! I just hope I didn't dampen their day! I tried to hold it together, but sometimes I can't control it. I'm getting better everyday though! This weekend was just one more step in this journey.

I'm enjoying the time with the family, just hanging out today and staying inside! It is cold outside, high of 27 predicted today. The snow is beautiful, especially yesterday when the trees were all frosted over and were completely white. Wisconsin is such a pretty place.

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