Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Things I love....

.......about my husband.

Recently, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary.  We had someone watch Miss E and we went out for dinner, by ourselves!  That was a first!  I thought it would be strange not to have her with us, but honestly,  it didn't feel that different.  I will admit that after dinner, I wanted to text her caregiver and ask how things were going, but I refrained.  Thankfully, within about two minutes after I thought about texting, the person sent us a picture of her and she was fine and having fun.  It was nice to have that reassurance, although I knew she was in very capable hands.

Anyway, back to the title of my post.  Significant days, like anniversaries, make me think about what makes that day special.  I personally, loved my wedding day.  It was the perfect day for a wedding and it went just the way I (we) wanted it to.  What made the day the most special was that I got to marry Mr. E.  He is so perfect for me and here are some things that make him so great!

*He is an incredible Godly man.  He reads the Scripture to us and his prayer life is amazing.   I cannot recall a time that he has not prayed before we make a decision and we sit down to discuss plans for our lives.  He prays for all of us every night before going to bed, every time we leave the house and every morning before he leaves, he prays that Miss E and I have a good day.  Amazing!

*He is always thinking, pushing himself (and me) to be all that God wants us to be.  He isn't content to just meander through life, he wants to make a difference in people's lives.

*He is a wonderful provider.  He provides for our family in numerous ways, not just financially, but also in ways like hunting and gardening.  Ever since I have know him, there has always been a freezer full of meat and since we have been married, he has planted a garden that produces lots of veggies.

*He is a great dad.  Just this morning, I was running late for my workout class and he got Miss E changed and ready to go for me.  I know I've posted this before, but I love how he interacts with her.  I can sing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" song to her and she may grin, but if he sings it (he has his own rendition), she smiles every time.

*He is a wise and caring husband.  Whether or not I am having a good or bad day, he wants to know, he listens to my problems, concerns and everyday ramblings. He helps me through situations that I may not know how to handle and gives me Godly advice.  He is a fabulous head of our household!

*He can make a friend with anyone in two seconds.  That amazes me, I cannot do that.  Having conversations with strangers comes so easily to him.  He is so likeable and easy to talk with that people feel comfortable with him. 

*He makes me laugh and now that we have been married for a while, he tends to tease me more.  Most of the time when he does tease me, it is when I least expect it.  He keeps me from taking my life too seriously.

Those are just a few things that I love about Mr. E.  I am looking forward to the future that God has for us and I know that because I am married to Mr. E, our lives will continue to be a great adventure!

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