Monday, November 5, 2012

God's Beauty

This weekend I got to see so much of God's beauty.  There are many times when I'm in God's nature that I don't really notice what is around me.  This weekend was different, I stopped and looked around me.  The sunset on Saturday was gorgeous.  I watched some birds fly, in a perfect V.  I began to contemplate some of the little details, such as the birds flying in a V, that God put into everything that He created.  I was reminded this weekend of the verses in Matthew 6 when it talks about not being anxious about our lives because we are of more value than the birds of the air that God takes care of so well. 

It was a good reminder for me because lately I've been struggling with not being anxious.  I want to take control of my life, wanting things done in my timing.  After this weekend, I'm trying to step back and remind myself that God only is in control of my life.  I know this is something I struggle with daily and I need to start giving this to the Lord, knowing that He will take care of my worries. 

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