Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seek Him first

Look to the Lord and his strength; seek His face always.  I Chronicles 16:11

I read a mini devotional this morning. It said this, (written as if God were speaking)
Save your best striving for seeking My face.  I am constantly communicating with you.  To find Me and hear My voice, you must seek Me above all else.  Anything that you desire more than Me becomes an idol.  When you are determined to get your own way, you blot Me out of your consciousness.  Instead of single-mindedly pursuing some goal, talk with Me about it.  Let the Light of My Presence shine on this pursuit, so that you can see it from My perspective.  If the goal fits into My plans for you, I will help you reach it.  If it is contrary to My will for you, I will gradually change the desire of your heart.  Seek Me first and foremost; then the rest of your life will fall into place, piece by piece. 

Ouch! I am notorious for trying to handle things on my own.  I will try to figure out how to handle something myself before first praying about it.  I need to be better at seeking Him first in everything!  His ways are always the best anyway.


  1. Excellent! That was spot on. Thanks for sharing. love ya'

  2. oh yeah. just a small word of encouragement....it doesn't change much even when you get to be my "age". seems to be a malady built into the human race. the striving is worth it though. sometimes I think it's not so much achieving perfection as the struggle and pursuit of it. that's when our shortcomings are illuninated and then we seek and find the presence of God.